What is Hotelway?

Hotelway is a communication platform between guests and hotels. As a guest, it is possible to contact the hotel, book a stay and check in via several different channels, including SMS, e-mail and many more. This can also be done by downloading a single application to manage multiple hotels. As a hotel, you'll have direct contact with thousands of travellers.  All messages - regardless of the channel - will be forwarded to a single dashboard. There is no need to watch Facebook Messenger, e-mail etc. separately anymore.

Hotelway aims to optimize check-ins, checkouts and related services in a way that benefits hotels and guests alike. We strive for streamlining all aspects of customer experience while easing the strain to the hotelier.

Our mission is to simply make the guest journey easy. Communication can be initiated directly via instant messaging. This is easier than the traditional ways of communication.

Hotels also have the freedom to choose the features they want. For example, not everyone wants room service included, so we have decided to modularize our service to suit each hotelier's individual need.

What does our service do?

Hotelway platform manages guests' information and travel documents without extra paperwork needed. Additionally, if the guest wishes for extra services, such as special linens or a specified room location, they can contact the hotel via the channel of their choosing, or they can fill in such information into their preferences in the Hotelway application. All this information will be automatically forwarded to hotels. This is done before their arrival, which makes the experience more pleasant for the guest and helps hotel staff in managing their services.

How will hoteliers benefit?

Fully integrating a hotel's information systems to our service means getting rid of extra steps, paperwork and inconvenience to the traveller. All these benefits will save time and resources on both ends. When these time-wasting tasks are eliminated, the hotel staff is free to work in more meaningful ways to serve their guests.

Managing a guest's stays is effortless with our dashboard. The hotelier can find everything they need with a few clicks. All messages will be gathered on our dashboard. If a hotel receives e.g. a random question through Facebook Messenger, it will appear on the dashboard, making communication with individual travellers quick and easy.

Why will guests adopt our service?

According to surveys, travellers are not interested in downloading and using mobile applications that are specific for a certain hotel or chain. However, we realized that even a single application is not enough. What guests want is ease. That is why we want to offer as many ways to manage their stays as possible. While our application still offers the most benefits for travellers, we want to make it as easy as possible to adopt our service. The most requested features for a service such as ours are fast check-ins and checkouts and contacting the hotel prior to arrival about any requests or needs, all of which we emphasize while developing our service.

Hotelway app also acts as a handy and safe document storage. A traveller can store all their important documents in the app. These personal details are stored securely on your device.