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Stay tuned for information about the Customer Experience in the hospitality industry. 

Our Hotelway app is now ready to be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. Go get it and see how a universal hotel app works. It is still in the test phase and most likely there are some errors. You can create imaginative trips to our demo hotel Villa Vaho and try even the pre check-in. In couple weeks we will also answer....

"If you put wolves in Yellowstone, the rivers will change their course." Huh? That was more or less the theme in HITEC Amsterdam this year. It means, that when you - or some other party - do something, it leads to another thing and the outcome can be totally unexpected and usually something you, nor anybody else can predict. That...

Since many hoteliers are interested in our services across the borders, we have opened new offices. Our United Arab Emirates office in Abu Dhabi and Sweden office in Stockholm are now ready to cooperate with you. You can acquire all our available services.

Limber Way is looking for opportunities to expand geographically and to be part of the growing hotel market in the UAE. HITEC is the tech event for hospitality and will take place on 14th-15th of Nov in Dubai. We will also be there.

Travel industry rebooted Finland today at the D Day seminar. 200 top decision makers from the different tourism and travel companies were present. We heard an inspiring and promising opening speech by the Minister of Transport and Communication, Anne Berner. She said, that the government needs to be the enabler for new innovation and growth for our...

Slush brings together the leading actors of the global tech scene to Helsinki for something very special. All startups wishing to grow Big, will be there.

We have discussed with many hotels. Most of them seem to be struggling with the same issue: Online Travel Agencies are having too big share of the bookings. Several researches show, that about 2/3 of the bookings come from the OTAs. We got the similar results, when we made our own summer study in June.

HITEC is THE place to be for hospitality professionals, if it is at all relating to the technology. Naturally we will be there on March 29th - 30th.

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