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Stay tuned for information about the Customer Experience in the hospitality industry. 

One of our core values in our mission is to make the guest journey easy. And easiness means for us that we need more ways - more channels - for guests to reach hotels and vice versa.

We've all been there. It is time to leave the hotel which means checking out at the front desk. Being that the checkout time is the same for most guests, this creates a bottleneck that leaves guests unsatisfied and staff working with less efficiency. Is there a viable, more efficient alternative?

A significant portion of consumers in the travel market belong to the generation of millennials. These people, born between years 1980 and 2000, differ drastically from the earlier generations in their consumer behaviour and their proportion of the market is rising fast. These travellers are born into a digital world, and see technology not as a...

You might have grown tired of waiting in line at a hotel to simply check out or request something from the staff working the front desk. I know we have. Then you decided to download the application for that hotel chain. Sure, everything works just fine, but what about the next destination with a different chain? Or the one after...

Our Hotelway app is now ready to be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. Go get it and see how a universal hotel app works. It is still in the test phase and most likely there are some errors. You can create imaginative trips to our demo hotel Villa Vaho and try even the pre check-in. In couple weeks we will also answer....

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