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Stay tuned for information about the Customer Experience in the hospitality industry. 

We are a society of instant gratification. For better or worse, we have grown accustomed to receiving exactly what we require, instantaneously. The same applies to customer service. No one wants to wait in line.

2019 is the year for hotel chats. Are you the one to sell them? Are you or your company a hospitality professional with a sales-oriented mindset and experience in marketing, IT and/or digital transformation? Would you like to help us innovate our industry in an exciting way?

The most interesting hospitality technology event of the year is taking place in 2 weeks. We will be there, on stage and also having our own discussion table. Let's meet.

Hotelway chat provides superior Guest Care for your customers. Guests want the convenience and speed of a chat, but with hotels they also need the personal touch. We will do all this for you. Read on.

The generation of digital natives that choose their hotels based on technology, social media presence and crowd-sourced reviews is quickly becoming the dominant market segment. For forward-looking hotels this is a highly sought-after demographic that needs a special strategy to win over.

According to our survey, 78% of hotels do not have any other channels for guests to reach them aside from phone calls and emails. Furthermore, 67% of them could not consistently answer their phone in less than 45 seconds and emails in less than 90 minutes. Guests will not wait.

One of our core values in our mission is to make the guest journey easy. And easiness means for us that we need more ways - more channels - for guests to reach hotels and vice versa.

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