Hotelfy - the revolutionary approach for the hotel apps

Travellers of today manage their daily lives through their smart phones - at home, and also when on the road. Many hoteliers are planning to get their own hotel app. The problem is that consumers do not want to download too many apps in their phones. What we need is an ecosystem, rather than just another app, which will be discarded after it was used once. 

Hotelfy enables guests to download only one app, which enables them to master their reservations, manage rooms and to communicate with all the listed hotels. Since the ecosystem  covers several hotels, the guests are less likely to discard it after visiting one hotel. They may use it again and again with new visits and hotels, and thus it is already saved and in use, when they return to that same hotel again. Plus, they have learnt to use it, so the usage will be more efficient next time and offers more benefits for the guest and the hotelier. 

The App has 2 layers: General layer and the hotel layer. 

In the general layer there is the relevant data of the guest, including room preferences and travel documents. In the hotel layer, the hotels can display their information, offering and services. The guests can also manage their stay, room (e.g. mobile key and air conditioning) and order different products & services. The hotels can streamline their processes with different elements, such as check-in and -out. Two-way communication is possible before, during and after the stay.  

Hotels have different options to take part. 

You do not necessarily have to integrate everything from the PMS to CRM and POS with the App. Hotels can also start with the Lite version and start benefiting from this movement in the matter of days. You'd be surprised to know how many features and benefits we can offer even with this Lite version. 

Right now we are looking for partners for the pilots.

You can have great influence if you connect with us now. The Lite version will be available for downloads and implementation in the beginning of 2018.