We are looking for distribution partners to make Hotelway global


Are you or your company a hospitality professional with a sales-oriented mindset and experience in marketing, IT and/or digitalization? Would you like to help us innovate our industry in an exciting way?

Hotelway is looking for distribution partners to help us bring our service to more and more hotels. We are mainly looking at the EMEA area at the moment, but we are going to be available worldwide eventually, so we are also open to global partners.

We appreciate sales-oriented mindsets with experience in marketing, IT and/or digitalization. It is important that you can talk with the right people at the hotels. We welcome individual professionals, as well as bigger companies. All regions are different, and we want to find the best combination for each of them.

We appreciate the right, cooperative & forward-thinking mindset, established hospitality networks and experience in selling services profitably to hotels.

If you have experience in system integration with hotel PMS, it is a bonus, but not a requirement.

Why us?

Looking at the largest trends shaping hospitality in 2018[1], we see things such as:

-Personalized experiences

-Growing demand for better communication between guests and hotels

-Possibility to book services

-Local services

-Artificial Intelligence

Hotelway answers to these demands extraordinarily well. Although our service does not yet incorporate AI, we are looking into it in the near future. There is true demand in the market. We are a proven concept developed by hospitality professionals. Our pilot project with Imatra Spa proved that our service works, makes communication effortless and benefits everyone in the ecosystem.

Hotelway is our platform, and we can develop it further based on the feedback from our customers and partners - you.

What does it mean to become a partner with us?

We are offering an attractive ROI plan for our distribution partners. At Hotelway, no good work goes unnoticed and we have a solid plan to compensate your efforts and results. Becoming our partner means zero investment from you; our partnership has no fees, and it includes support, assistance and training. We are willing to support our partners to achieve the best results.

We will give you training in our product and service. This includes everything from what we do to what the service does and how it makes hotel stays easier to hotels and guests alike. We are also offering a marketing package that helps you spread your message. In addition, we will also offer these marketing services to YOUR customers, so they can tell about Hotelway to their guests. We want to see lasting, long-term relationships with our partners.

Working with us also means that you have a real impact on how things are handled at Hotelway. We encourage dialogue. We welcome flexibility and see cooperation as an important value for our company. However, you can design your level and way of participation. If you can deliver nice results in an ethical manner in a way you have done before, there is no point changing the processes.

If you know someone who might be interested in this opportunity, be sure to share this with them. Also, if you have any references we might be interested in, please let us know.

If interested, please contact CEO Hannu Vahokoski at


or Head of Sales Samu Raunela at


[1] https://www.hotelnewsnow.com/Articles/271561/Hotel-technology-trends-to-keep-an-eye-on-in-2018