Introducing Hotelway


You might have grown tired of waiting in line at a hotel to simply check out or request something from the staff working the front desk. I know we have. Then you decided to download the application for that hotel chain. Sure, everything works just fine, but what about the next destination with a different chain? Or the one after that? You don't want to waste your time installing and uninstalling single-use apps on your device.

We neither, and Hotelway is here to change it all.

Hotelway is the answer to a growing demand for a single application to manage all your hotel stays. Not only does Hotelway handle booking, check-ins and checkouts but much more. Would you like special linens or maybe a yoga mat in your room upon arrival? No problem! Just add it to your traveller profile and this information is automatically forwarded to hotels when booking your stay. Last-minute changes or extra requests can be also easily handled with the built-in messaging system.

What we have done so far

During the spring our company has grown fast, with our newest recruits being a Head of Sales to coordinate our sales operations in Finland and abroad and a Social Media Coordinator to spread our message to the world. It has been a very exciting time for us and we're looking to the future with great excitement.

Last week our pilot project with Imatra Spa was started. The staff and users were astonished how quick and easy our service is! We have also had talks with a dozen hotels to start working together. We are offering for hotels to try out our service for free during July and August! Additionally, we are able to offer a 'lite' version of our service where we will add your hotel to our mobile app. This service is fully automatic, and requires zero resources from hotel staff.

If interested, just contact us and we'll get back to you. We also recently opened our London Sales Office, and are looking for interested hotels there.

Don't miss out on this one!

It's effortless to train the hotel staff to use our service when the platform is so intuitive.

What the future holds

Our service and mobile app are constantly updated with new and exciting features. You can expect to see things such as a tailored coupon system with discounts on hotels, restaurants and more that suit each traveller's individual interests!

We are looking to rapidly expand in the coming months and years. Our first goal is to achieve a foothold in Europe, but eventually Hotelway will be available throughout the world.

So, if you're heading to Imatra Spa soon, be sure to check out our awesome application and see for yourself how it can make your hotel stays smoother, easier and more pleasurable.

Stay tuned for more blog posts where we share our newest developments, thoughts about the industry and other exciting things!