Increasing your Guest Satisfaction with Hotelway Chat


A chat of some form on a hotel's website is extremely common and nearly a must these days. The problem with them is more often not their absence but their quality. Nobody wants a call center.

Save both your staff's and your guests' time

This one is obvious. With a smart solution of a combination of AI and Guest Care Specialists, a hotel no longer needs to spend time answering frequent and simple questions. A large part of the questions we receive at a hotel are ones that have been answered several times already, which means that our AI is perfectly capable of handling them.

Guests will not wait. The impact of near-instant, accurate and friendly answers to whatever questions your guests might have cannot be overstated. The questions might not be important to you - but to your guests they might be the difference between booking or moving on.

All the time saved by us can be reallocated to more meaningful tasks for your staff. When we take care of your online processes, you can focus on your more important offline business - maximizing your Guest Satisfaction.

Humanize your brand

A hugely important part of a successful chat service is making it something personal and meaningful. We are not a call center. We strive to make your guests feel like they are always conversing with your staff. Too often have hotel chats failed because they are either only bot-based with canned responses and confusing functionality - or the people answering have no actual idea of how the hotel works.

Hotels have always had personal care and service in the core tenets of their practice. Translating this into the highly automated and busy online world can be tough. Hoteliers must be careful to not fall in the same pit into which too many unfortunately have: automation and outsourcing.

With us you can enjoy all the benefits of automation and outsourcing without sacrificing your personal touch.

More than just a chat

Hotelway Chat is not just about customer service and problem-solving. We can also take over your room service with an online solution that saves your time even further - and more importantly, makes your guests' lives easier. With a few clicks guests can order whatever they like to their rooms. All your staff has to do is deliver it.

Check-in is also possible via our service. Let us handle everything - with us you will simply receive their information via e-mail.

It is easy to go wrong while building your online Guest Care. Let us and our experience guide you through it.