5 reasons why every hotel needs Hotelway


Hotelway chat provides superior Guest Care for your customers. Guests want the convenience and speed of a chat, but with hotels they also need the personal touch. We will do all this for you. Read on.

People want to communicate with the hotels in a modern way, not by emails or calls

It is 2019 and the main communication channels for hotels are still email, phone and webforms. Hotel guests (and consumers at large) consistently report that a live chat is the best method for communication. Chats are a fast, reliable and affordable way to ensure better guest care online.

While a chat service makes communication easier for guests, the new bottleneck is in your staff. They often will not have time to service all guests whom might have questions that get asked ten times a day. That is why in addition to the chat itself you need a support structure from us. Let us take care of your online guest care while you focus on your offline one.

Having a chat service - that works - will increase sales remarkably, also direct bookings.

Hotels are losing business to OTA-channels and Airbnb. Often their platforms are simply superior with way more options and ease of access. This is what hotels need: Immediate conversion to booking with a Guest Care professional offering to help a potential guest along the way as soon as they land on the hotel's website.

A great chat service - such as ours - also upsells additional services at every touchpoint. We have found that guests ordering wine to their hotel rooms are happy to add snacks to their order should the person in chat offer it.

2019 is the big breakthrough for chats - also in hospitality

This is a chance for hotels to really stay ahead of the curve. Chatting services have really started to pop up on hotel websites in the last year.

The competition here is evolving. It will no longer be whether you have a chat or not; it will be about who has the best chat. A great chat looks like there is always a staff member with intricate knowledge of their hotel answering questions.

So, we are not talking about your typical 'call center' chats with terrible chatbots or clueless customer service. See next point.

If guest's question is answered slower than in 45 s (phone or chat), or in an inadequate way, growing numbers of  guests move to the competition

The attention span of a website visitor is shortening. An average guest looking to book a hotel room will visit a whopping 51 pages before settling on an option. This means that you must grab their attention in a very short time frame. If a guest asks something from you and you do not answer almost immediately, they will likely move on. However, answering immediately is only the beginning. If the chat is frustrating and the chat employee does not have the necessary knowledge to assist a potential guest, they will likely just move on.

We do all this and more

Our Guest Care professionals will make sure your guest feels like they are chatting with your staff, and your staff is free to focus on other important tasks. We will convert more traffic into bookings and upsell additional services. Additionally, we will provide monthly reporting on the conversations and traffic which will help you also improve your offline activities.

All this - with a super-fast ROI of less than six months.

You can test our chat and AI-based bot Sam here.

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