HOTELWAY - making travelling easy  


With our concept, the hotels can communicate directly with their guests - to their phones and laptops. The guests can be reached with the services they already use: web browser, text messages and even Facebook Messenger.

EASY CHAT is the most simple way of doing this. The best part is, that we can do that chatting for you.

Travellers of today manage their daily lives through their smart phones - at home, and also when on the road. The problem is that consumers do not want to download apps or register into services.

Hotelway concept enables guests to communicate with the hotels using their phone - and not by calling. They can ask questions, order services and even check-in with it. Everybody has access to SMS and most of the people are using Social Media channels like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. And everyone can open their browser. We want to utilise these services and provide the easiest possible experience for the guests. 

If a guest is a frequent traveller, they may want to save certain information or preferences for further use. Why send your address or passport info to hotels over and over again? For that purpose we have developed our mobile application. It works in growing number of hotels.  

There are many occasions and ways for a guest to communicate with the hotel. They can manage their booking, order room service, softer pillows, taxi or book a table for example. Guests can also send feedback - during and after the stay. And the communication goes both ways. The hotel can advertise their packages before the trip has been reserved. Or they can offer upgrades (based on the guest preferences) once the booking is made.

Communication Center gather all messages in one place

Hotels receive inquiries via chat, Facebook, Twitter etc. And our app & text messages add more channels to follow.  

Our service acts as a communication center and gathers all messages into one place. 

Our Guest Care will then reply to all these messages on behalf of the hotel 

Majority of the inquires the hotels receive are quite universal and can easily be handled by our cheerful assistant Sam.

And if Sam does not know the answer, he will pass the conversation to our Guest Care Team to take care of. We will reply to your guests within 2 minutes, but our average is 34 s. 

Hotelway makes the life easier for travellers, but also for the hotel.