How? We help the hospitality industry to identify and change their processes to engage with their customers in a better way. Sometimes even small changes make big difference.

Our focus is to create a holistic guest journey together with our customers and their selected vendors. We want to change the world of travel by making the whole guest journey Smooth.

STEP ONE is to improve communication between the guests and the hotels. Our main product is HOTELWAY, which makes the guest communication easy - also for your staff. 

Our owners and experts come from: Hospitality, Service Design, Business Consulting, Mobile applications,  Digitalization, Information Security and Staff Training. We have one of the broadest combined Hospitality & Customer Experience expertise out there.

We've been around the hotels for quite some time, so we know the daily operating conditions in hospitality.

We are an international company operating in Europe and UAE. We are based in the Nordics, but travel fast.

Our Values

Our Mission is to change the world of hospitality to be a flowing customer journey.

Make impact

We want to change the world of Travel. What we do, must really have effect.


Good is not good enough. We want our customers to go Wow! Never settle with existing.


We want to destroy the silos. So all cooperation between departments, teams, partners, vendors and companies is essential.

Enhance positive drive

We are at our best when we are rolling. Let's all have fun when working. Full speed ahead!

 So who are we?

We are small, agile team of the industry professionals with years of background of improving hospitality, technology and customer experience.

In addition, we have an Advisory Board, which consists of special members from the top positions like Nixu (Information security), and Radisson Hotel Group. 

Limber Way is owned mostly by the management and employees.  

Hannu Vahokoski          Ante Pyy                                 Samu Raunela

CEO                               Head of Guest Care               Head of Development

hannu.vahokoski@limberway.com  ante.pyy@limberway.com                          samu.raunela@limberway.com

+358 400 795 049                  +358 408 419 408                             +358 401 720 522

Jyri Kuusela                   Tuukka Moisio

Advisor                           Digital Services Specialist

jyri.kuusela@limberway.com       tuukka.moisio@limberway.com