The foundation for the future of hospitality is being created right now.  Hop on board and make your dreams fly. With us you can truly be part of the history.

We cherish our values. We want to change the guest journey permanently. For that we need the best people of the industry. You have the fire in you and also the attitude to adapt. If your dreams are bigger than in general and you know how to achieve them, you have come to the right place. We are a limber, flexible start-up, ready to take the Guest Journey of the hotels to the next level.

Sounds challenging? And inviting? Please read ahead. Even though we aim high, this is not 'all work, no play'. Our values encourage us to have positive drive, that pushes us forward. Company culture is important for us. Lucky you, we are still young, so you can easily affect that culture. If you feel that you are able to teach, learn, experiment, drive, make difference, be strong, be humble and work with others (sometimes even long hours) with the smile on your face, you will be at home with us.

Open Application

We are now on the verge of something Big. Keep an eye for the new job openings.

If you are interested in joining us already now, please send your cv and application to: